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Top Books made into Movies in 2011 - Bestsellers - About.com
Here are some of the biggest books made into movies in 2011.
Top Books Made into Movies in 2013 - Bestsellers - About.com
Here is a list of the biggest movies that were first books that will be released in 2013.
Top Movie Releases Based on Books: 2014 - Bestsellers - About.com
These are some of the biggest movies based on books coming in 2014.
Books into Movies - Bestsellers - About.com
Find out what books were made into movies each year.
Top Books Made into Movies in 2012 - Bestsellers - About.com
Here is a list of the biggest movies that were first books that were released in 2012.
Top Books into Movies in 2009 - Bestsellers - About.com
There were several big books turned into movies in 2009. From romance to drama, find out about all the adaptations here.
Top Books Made Into Movies in 2010 - Bestsellers - About.com
Wondering what books were made into movies in 2010? Here's the scoop on some of the biggest adaptations to film.
Nicholas Sparks Movies - Bestsellers - About.com
Maybe that's why so many of Sparks' books seem to attract Hollywood's attention. Here are all Nicholas Sparks movie adaptions in the order they were released.
Sophie Kinsella Movies - Bestsellers - About.com
Sophie Kinsella is the queen of "chick lit," so it is only natural that she takes on " chick flicks" as well. So far just one of her books has been adapted into a movie, ...
James Patterson Books Made Into Movies by Year - Bestsellers
James Patterson is best known as an author of page turning books. Many of his books, however, have been turned into movies. Find a complete list of James ...
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