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Author Interviews - Interviews with Authors of Bestsellers

Bestselling authors answer questions about their books, their lives and what keeps them writing. Read honest answers from the authors who are topping the charts right here.

Uwem Akpan Interview - Akpan Discusses 'Say You're One of Them'
Uwem Akpan is the author of Say You're One of Them, Oprah's Book Club's 63rd book. Say You're One of Them is a collection of five short stories, each taking place in a different country in Africa, each told from the perspective of a child. In this interview with Erin Collazo Miller from About.com, Akpan discusses some of the themes of his book.

Interview with Sara Gruen - Author of Water for Elephants
In this interview with Sara Gruen, author of the bestselling "Water for Elephants," Gruen discusses her background, family, writing process and book, "Water for Elephants."

Interview with Audrey Niffenegger - Author of The Time Traveler's Wife
Find out about the life of Audrey Niffenegger and inspiration behind The Time Traveler's Wife in this interview by Contemporary Literature Guide Mark Flanagan.

Nora Roberts Interview
Find out more about the queen of romance, Nora Roberts.

Neil Stephenson Interview
An interview with bestselling author Neil Stephenson.

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