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Danielle Steel Biography



Danielle Fernandes Schuelein-Steel
August 14, 1947
New York City, New York

Danielle Steel's Education:

Steel graduated from the Lycée Français de New York in 1965 and also studied at New York University.

Danielle Steel's Family:

Steel has been married five times (Claude-Eric Lazard, Danny Zugelder, William Toth, John Traina and Tom Perkins) and raised nine children. She is currently single. According to her Web site, Steel's family is the most important thing in her life.

Danielle Steel's Writing:

Steel began writing stories and poetry as a child. She completed her first novel at age 20 but was not published until she was 26. Steel is currently one of the most prolific writers in the world, best known for her romance novels.
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Danielle Steel's Children's and Nonfiction Books:

Steel's "Max and Martha" books and "Freddie" series were written for young readers. She has also written two nonfiction books: Having a Baby and His Bright Light

Danielle Steel's Home:

Steel lives in San Francisco and spends part of the year in France.

Danielle Steel on TV:

More than twenty of Steel's novels have been adapted for television.

Danielle Steel Trivia:

  • Steel opened an art gallery in San Francisco to showcase the work of young artists.
  • In 2002, Steel was decorated by the French government as a "Chevalier" of the distinguished Order of Arts and Letters for her lifetime contribution to world culture.
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