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'Testimony' by Anita Shreve - Book Club Discussion Questions

'Testimony' - Reading Group Guide


'Testimony' by Anita Shreve

'Testimony' by Anita Shreve

Little, Brown
Testimony by Anita Shreve explores a scandalous event at a boarding school from several perspectives. Use these book club discussion questions on Testimony to lead your group into Shreve's novel.

Spoiler Warning: These book club discussion questions on Testimony by Anita Shreve reveal important details about the novel. Finish the book before reading on.

  1. Were you shocked by what Mike discovers in the first chapter?

  2. Do you think Anna was right to blame herself for what happened to Silas?

  3. Do you think Siena was responsible for what happened on the video?

  4. Why did Shreve decide to tell the story as though the characters were writing to the researcher from University of Vermont? Why not tell it as the events unfolded?

  5. Rate Testimony on a scale of 1 to 5.
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