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Book Club Reading Lists - Lists of Recommendations for Book Clubs

Book Club Selections
Book club selections are important -- the right book selection can foster lively conversation and debate. A bad book selection can feel like a waste of time. Looking for the best book club selection for your group? Try these suggestions.

Book Club Reading List
With so many books on the bestsellers lists, how can you decide which books would be good reads for your book club? This reading list provides fiction and nonfiction recommendations complete with links to reviews and book club questions for a year of interesting and varied book club reading.

Christian Book Club Recommendations
Christian book clubs can use these recommendations to choose fiction or nonfiction books that will promote stimulating discussions about the Christian faith.

Book Club Reading List - Recommendation List from a Real Book Club
The Brown Bag Book Club is a workplace book club in Madison, Wisconsin that meets once a month over lunch. They have seven people who attend regularly: Sue, Norma, Judi, Wendy, Monica, Renae, and Barbie, but say others visit and are always welcome. They have been meeting for more than 5 years and have read more than 50 books.

Says Barbie, "This list encompasses a wide variety of genres. That…

Readers Give Christian Book Club Recommendations
Members of Christian book clubs share recommendations for fiction and nonfiction books that Christian book clubs could read.

Book Club Reading List - Book Club Recommendations - Book Club Member…
Wondering what books to read with your book club? Here is a list of favorite books submitted by book club members around the world.

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