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Maximum Ride: School's Out - Forever - Book Review

About.com Rating 3 Star Rating
User Rating 3.5 Star Rating (7 Reviews)


Maximum Ride 2: School's Out - Forever

Maximum Ride 2 - Courtesy Little, Brown

The Bottom Line

Maximum Ride: School's Out - Forever by James Patterson picks up where Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment left off. Patterson has written these young adult novels with short chapters and a fast pace. Each Maximum Ride book does not work well on its own--there isn't much conclusion in the endings or much explanation at the beginning of Maximum Ride: School's Out - Forever. They are easy, suspenseful reads that leave you hanging and make you want to find out what happens in the next novel.
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  • Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever is a fast paced fantasy
  • Maximum Ride has fun characters and an interesting premise
  • Not as much sex and violence as Patterson's adult fiction (good for teens)


  • Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever is not a stand alone book. It does not have a satisfying ending.
  • The characters and plot lines are not well developed. Little depth.


  • Max and her friends were kidnapped as babies and experimented on by genetic scientists.
  • Max and friends are now part human, part birds.
  • The kids escaped from the lab and are now on the run from Erasers, who are part human, part wolf.
  • Max and friends find a place to stay in Maximum Ride 2; however, they still don't know who to trust.

Guide Review - Maximum Ride: School's Out - Forever - Book Review

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment was James Patterson's first foray into young adult literature. Not only did Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment top the bestsellers lists for months, it also left readers with a lot of questions about what would happen to Max and her human-bird gang. The second book in the series, Maximum Ride: School's Out - Forever, answers some of those questions, but not many.

Maximum Ride: School's Out - Forever gives the next chapter in Max and friends' lives as they search for their parents and run from Jeb and Erasers. There are some good fight scenes, some new skills are discovered, and the gang even experiences some normal teenage things, like dating.

Patterson writes a fast-paced novel that is easy to read. Maximum Ride: School's Out - Forever will entertain readers; however, some may be frustrated by the lack of depth and development. After 400+ pages, readers may wish they were a little further into the plot and that more of their questions had been answered.

The Maximum Ride books will not provide the meat and potatoes of a young adult's reading diet; however, they will keep teens interested in reading. They are a lot of fluff, but at least the premise is creative and will cause readers to use their imaginations. Parents will be happy to no there is no real cursing or sex in the books; however, teens won't feel like they are being forced to read something wholesome.

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Love It, Member da_alien

I loved this book, it was just as good as the first, The Angel Experiment. It has a great story line and is impossible to put down. I recommend it to ALL people, even people like me who don't really like fantasy, sci-fi and things like that because this is now one of my all-time favourite books, full of mystery, suspense and fun. I congratulate James Patterson- one person who manages to bring sci-fi, action, romance, and comedy all into one series. No flaws in this book, it is PERFECT. Cannot praise it highly enough.

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