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'Breaking Dawn' by Stephenie Meyer - Book Review

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By Laura Buhl

'Breaking Dawn' by Stephenie Meyer

'Breaking Dawn'

Little, Brown

The Bottom Line

*Spoiler Warning* - This review includes information about some of the surprises and the general conclusion of Breaking Dawn.

For many, Breaking Dawn will be a mixed read. The final installment in Stephenie Meyer’s saga ventures further afield than ever before, incorporating incredibly ‘out there’ elements—even for a vampire romance. The various plot threads which Meyer has been spinning since the beginning of the series find themselves a little too neatly tied up here. This leaves Meyer to explore one final, fresh (though anticlimactic) conflict before closing the saga with nary a sad note.


  • Many fans of the series will likely be glad to encounter positive resolutions
  • Jacob’s narration lends a fresh feel to the story
  • Despite its length, Breaking Dawn keeps up a quick pace, and is a page-turner


  • Certain developments feel more horrifying and bizarre than even the fantastical world calls for
  • The quick and painless resolution of conflicts leaves one wanting more
  • The final showdown results in an anticlimactic end to the series


  • 'Breaking Dawn' was published in August 2008.
  • Publisher: Little, Brown
  • 768 Pages

Guide Review - 'Breaking Dawn' by Stephenie Meyer - Book Review

Reading Breaking Dawn must feel a lot like the diet of animal blood which sustains the vampires central to the story. It slakes one’s thirst, yet it doesn’t appeal quite like the "real thing"—it lacks the tantalizing scent, the desirable taste, of the authentic.

Barely more than halfway into Breaking Dawn, all the open issues which have been gathering over the course of the series have been resolved. Though this should be satisfying for the reader, it comes too easily and quickly. What’s more, Breaking Dawn arrives at these resolutions via the frightening plot vehicle of Bella’s horrifying pregnancy. To a somewhat redeeming effect, this portion of the novel is told through Jacob’s incredulous eyes.

With an entire series worth of plot points neatly out of the way, Meyers brings yet another circumstance of impending doom upon the beleaguered vampires of Forks, Washington. But for all the tense build up, this final conflict also dissipates too easily. In effect, it mirrors the arc of the entire saga.

The book closes without sacrifice, loss, or the pain of difficult decisions. Bella and Edward’s concluding bliss is not without appeal for followers of the series, yet can one reach the peak of true happiness without experiencing the valleys of true loss?

User Reviews

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 3 out of 5
l.v68, Member l.v68

I love the book but I was disappointed how the book end. Would be nice if Stephanie did not end the series this way. Still should one more book to tell the story of Bella and Edward after she became a vampire and follow up with Renesmee.

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