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'Eclipse' by Stephenie Meyer - Book Review

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating
User Rating 4 Star Rating (6 Reviews)

By Laura Buhl

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer


Little, Brown

The Bottom Line

Chances are, if you’ve enjoyed the first two installments in Stephenie Meyer’s addicting Twilight Saga, picking up Eclipse is a foregone conclusion. And while this book offers plenty of vampire action and teenage romantic drama to thrill fans of the series, it fails to soar quite as high as its predecessors.


  • After spending the previous installment apart, Bella and Edward’s reunion is satisfying
  • The romantic triangle of Jacob, Bella and Edward is compelling
  • The final climactic battle delivers plenty of thrills and excitement


  • Edward’s jealous responses to Bella’s relationship with Jacob make for a slow start to the novel
  • Meyer’s justification for and build up to the grand climax come across as strained


  • 'Eclipse' was published in August 2007.
  • Publisher: Little, Brown
  • 640 Pages

Guide Review - 'Eclipse' by Stephenie Meyer - Book Review

Eclipse opens with teenager Bella Swan and her vampire boyfriend Edward reunited after their tortuous parting in New Moon. Bella’s eventual transformation into a bloodsucking immortal is now guaranteed, yet all is not well in the drizzly town of Forks, Washington. Her best friend, the werewolf Jacob Black, harbors a generations-old vendetta against vampires in addition to unrequited feelings for Bella herself. To top it all off, a plague of murders in nearby Seattle points to an impending vampire threat.

With the question of Bella’s fate sealed, Meyer’s new sources of conflict feel heavy-handed at some points and over-the-top at others. The book begins sluggishly, with the first several chapters stifled by issues of jealousy which are slow to develop. Still, Eclipse picks up steam as it revisits the tensions of romance and friendship between Jacob and Bella. Readers will find the deepening of Edward and Bella’s relationship pleasing, and the final battle delivers on excitement, though it seems thin on justification.

Despite its shortcomings, Eclipse offers an absorbing read which will likely keep you up past bed time to finish. Meyer’s ability to express the workings of the teenage mind is uncanny, though Bella sometimes frustrates when she is slow on the uptake of plot points which have long since become obvious to the reader. Ultimately, Bella and Edward’s tale of impossible, fervent love remains compelling, and this penultimate entry in the Twilight series is sure to leave you thirsting for its conclusion.

User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
Pretty Good (*WARNING* SPOILERS *WARNING*), Member MeTheBookWormStalker

I must say, this was definitely better than the suck-ish ""New Moon"" which I hated. I loved Edward's sarcastic comments to Jacob threw out the whole book. I also love learning about the Cullen's past. Learning about Rosalie and Jasper's pasts. I thought Jasper's was very interesting. He apparently had an affair with a evil new born similar to Victoria. I loved the fight between the Cullen's and the New Born Army. Of course they all died. And I found fascinating that Stephenie Meyer made a whole separate book about the little girl in the army who basically got decapitated the young, Bree Tanner. Anyways, I actually enjoyed this book. I'm currently reading Breaking Dawn since I just saw part 2 so I will make a review on it in a couple of months. I'm a very slow reader, and it took me FOREVER to convince my friend to let me BORROW the darn thing. But anyways, I hope you enjoy the saga. *Please note nothing in my reviews are made to offend anyone. I try to add as much humor and seriousness as possible. Please do not be offended in any matter. Thank you.* ~MeTheBookWormStalker~

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