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'The Other Queen' by Philippa Gregory - Book Review

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'The Other Queen' by Philippa Gregory

'The Other Queen'

Simon & Schuster

The Bottom Line

Philippa Gregory has written another novel in the tradition of her previous bestsellers, covering the lives and intrigue of royals in 16th-century England. Where books like The Other Boleyn Girl focused on the court of Henry VIII, The Other Queen moves forward in time to Queen Elizabeth, telling the story of her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots. Fans of Gregory’s novels will not be disappointed by The Other Queen, which has the same magic combination of compelling writing and historical plotlines.


  • Gregory makes historical political maneuvering fascinating


  • 'The Other Queen' repeats the alliance-building themes in Gregory's other books


  • 'The Other Queen' by Philippa Gregory is published by Simon & Schuster
  • Release Date: September 16, 2008
  • 448 Pages

Guide Review - 'The Other Queen' by Philippa Gregory - Book Review

Philippa Gregory has turned her knack for historical fiction a lesser known target: Mary, Queen of Scots. The Other Queen tells the story of Queen Elizabeth’s cousin and rightful heir to the throne upon which Elizabeth sat.

Gregory’s newest novel isn’t cut from exactly the same cloth as her previous works. Rather than taking place at royal court, as The Other Boleyn Girl and The Queen’s Fool did, The Other Queen takes place away from court, at a country house. The story is told from the point of view of the Queen of Scots, being held against her will in England after she fled insurrection in her country. Her story alternates with the narratives of the husband and wife who host -- and restrain -- her. They bring differing perspectives of the old noble England as well as the newly-minted Protestant wealthy class.

Many of Gregory’s trademark touches are present in The Other Queen, including a tendency towards taking romantic liberties with her characters. That's likely what makes her books so enjoyable, and The Other Queen does not disappoint.

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