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'Testimony' by Anita Shreve - Book Review

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'Testimony' by Anita Shreve

'Testimony' by Anita Shreve

Little, Brown

The Bottom Line

Anita Shreve is a bestselling author known for books like Body Surfing, The Pilot’s Wife, and The Weight of Water. Her latest effort, Testimony, is an introspective look at a private school community blown apart by one scandalous incident. Like Shreve's other books, Testimony treats its characters with insight and introspection, balancing the more salacious subject matter. Shreve’s fans won’t be disappointed with Testimony.


  • Shreve’s crisp writing and interesting characters make Testimony enjoyable to read


  • The fractured narrative lessens the suspense and emotional impact of what happens


  • 'Testimony' by Anita Shreve was published October 21, 2008.
  • Publisher: Little, Brown
  • 320 Pages

Guide Review - 'Testimony' by Anita Shreve - Book Review

Avery Academy, a small Vermont boarding school, seems like an idyllic community, but that illusion comes to an abrupt end when a video is posted online showing a sexual encounter between three male seniors and one female freshman. From the students themselves to their parents, and to the staff members of the school, the repercussions are lasting.

Shreve tells her story in alternating snippets of the testimony of each character. It’s an effective way to present so many different people, but in the first half of the book, when the events are still unfolding, it has the effect of reducing suspense and tension.

Anita Shreve seems to specialize in finely wrought stories of tragedy and its effects on those affected as individuals and as groups. Testimony continues that trend, and it’s another laudable novel.

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