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Saucepans & the Single Girl - Book Review

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Saucepans & the Single Girl by Jinx Morgan and Judy Perry

Courtesy Hachette Book Group

The Bottom Line

Saucepans & the Single Girl by Jinx Morgan and Judy Perry was first published in 1965 as the young working woman's guide to entertaining. Forty years later, the re-release of Saucepans & the Single Girl still promises "bachelor-bait recipes and dazzling ideas for entertaining." Perhaps the best part of Saucepans & the Single Girl, however, is the narrative from days past with new, funny comments in the margins about how life has changed.
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  • Saucepans & the Single Girl is a fun look back at entertaining ideas from 40 years ago
  • New, witty notes poke fun at outdated material while offering practical tips
  • Entertaining narrative between recipes


  • Not the most creative recipes--more a nostalgic read than gourmet guide


  • Saucepans & the Single Girl--a cookbook that was originally released in 1965
  • Saucepans & the Single Girl offers timeless tips and recipes for entertaining
  • Quirky narrative provides a glimpse at how much has changed in the past 40 years
  • New, witty comments update recipes and narrative and make Saucepans & the Single Girl a fun read
  • A great gift for recent college grads or gals just starting out on their own

Guide Review - Saucepans & the Single Girl - Book Review

These days cookbooks are a dime a dozen. It is easy to find recipes on the Internet, and there are no shortage of cooking shows on TV. Saucepans & the Single Girl does not stand out for its recipes, which are not especially unique or inspiring. It is, however, a fun blast from the past that is practical and entertaining.

The good thing about the recipes in Saucepans & the Single Girl is that they are simple. The book provides some basic advice and pantry staples that would be helpful to anyone starting out on their own. There are also some tasty, if not gourmet, recipes for food and cocktails.

Between recipes, Saucepans & the Single Girl is filled with narrative from 1965 sprinkled with new commentary on outdated ideas and ingredients. (For instance, MSG is no longer a pantry staple). It is funny and easy to read. I especially liked the commentary on different kinds of men and what sort of food to feed them ("Food Fit for a Man in a Brooks Brothers Suit," etc.).

A lot has changed in the past 40 years, but there are some things about being young and on your own in a big city that are still the same. Saucepans & the Single Girl connects women across generations. It would be a great gift for any daughters or girlfriends who are settling in to their first apartments.

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