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Top 5 John Grisham Books


New to John Grisham, the master of legal suspense? Wondering where to start reading Grisham books? Here are some favorite Grisham novels, a good sampling of his thrillers.

1. The Firm

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The Firm is the book that made Grisham known. Released in 1991, it quickly topped the bestsellers lists and was made into a major motion picture starring Tom Cruise. Read The Firm to see where it all started and why Grisham is as popular as he is today.
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2. The Rainmaker

The Rainmaker brings humor to the fast paced courtroom drama that Grisham is so good at writing. A good, quick read.
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3. The Testament

Similiar to Grisham's other novels in its legal suspense, The Testament adds a new spin by drawing the main character into a dangerous journey through the remote regions of Latin America. This novel explores greed, materialism, sin and redemption. A great Grisham book.
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4. The Summons

The Summons has a simple plot, but it still keeps the pages turning. It is the story of two sons and their estranged father, who they find dead in his Mississippi home. There are familiar elements--a large sum of money, lawyers--but the story does not feel old despite the typical Grisham formula.
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5. The Broker

The Broker takes place in Italy, and the first half of the book is slower than some readers may want, describing Bologna in detail. The pace quickens and provides a good ride in the end.
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