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Like Jodi Picoult? Then Try...


Like Jodi Picoult? If you are a fan of her writing, but want to expand your horizons, try these books. These books are written in styles and cover themes that Picoult fans may enjoy.

(If you want to stick to Jodi Picoult books, here is a complete list of everything Picoult has written).

'The Memory Keeper's Daughter' by Kim Edwards

'The Memory Keeper's Daughter' by Kim Edwards
The Memory Keeper's Daughter is like Jodi Picoult's books in a few ways -- it is told from several perspectives, it raises ethical issues, and it is a fast paced page turner.


'Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons' by Lorna Landvik

'Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons' by Lorna Landvik
Ballantine Books
Lorna Landvik, like Jodi Picoult, writes Angry Housewives Eating Bons Bons from several different perspectives, providing more insight into all sides of the characters' lives and struggles.

'Happiness Sold Separately' by Lolly Winston

'Happiness Sold Separately' by Lolly Winston
Warner Books
Happiness Sold Separately is like a Jodi Picoult book in a way that may or may not appeal to you -- it is sadly realistic. Whenever I read Picoult, I can't put the books down even though I think they are depressing. Similarly, Happiness Sold Separately is a page turner with no easy answers.

'Testimony' by Anita Shreve

'Testimony' by Anita Shreve
Little, Brown
Picoult fans will appreciate the ethical issues Anita Shreve raises and the skill in Shreve's writing style.

'The Senator's Wife' by Sue Miller

'The Senator's Wife' by Sue Miller
Jodi Picoult often writes about the struggles within marriages. In The Senator's Wife, Miller also shows a realistic picture of marriage -- difficult and redemptive.
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