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Sophie Kinsella - New & Upcoming Book Releases

The Latest Release & Soon-to-Be Released Books by Sophie Kinsella


Sophie Kinsella writes light, fun chick lit novels. If you're a Sophie Kinsella fan and are wondering when she will release her next book, we have the scoop. Here are Sophie Kinsella's new and upcoming book releases.

Wondering what else Sophie Kinsella has written? Check out this complete list of Sophie Kinsella's books. Plus, if you like Sophie Kinsella's books, be sure to try these books by other authors like Kinsella.

Newest Release - 'I've Got Your Number' - February 14, 2012

I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella
Random House
Just in time for Valentine's Day, Sophie Kinsella published I've Got Your Number. I've Got Your Number starts when Poppy Wyatt loses her engagement ring and phone in the same afternoon. When she finds someone else's phone abandoned in a trash can, she decides to use it to report her stolen ring. Little does she know that the new phone will connect her to the owner. A series of text message and e-mail antics follow.

Upcoming Releases - ?

Sophie Kinsella has not announced what she will publish next or when she will have a new book.
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