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' Angels and Demons' by Dan Brown - Book Review

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'Angels and Demons' by Dan Brown

'Angels and Demons'

Simon & Schuster

The Bottom Line

Angels and Demons is Dan's Brown first Robert Langdon thriller. It takes place chronologically before The Da Vinci Code, although it doesn't matter which book you read first. Both books involve conspiracies within the Catholic church, but Angels and Demons has more action within Rome and the Vatican. Angels and Demons is a fast paced thriller that provides an entertaining escape for the reader.
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  • 'Angels and Demons' is a fast paced page turner.
  • The mix of religious and historical elements adds a unique twist to the mystery.
  • Brown provides plenty of surprises.


  • If you are put off by graphic violence, some descriptions may bother you.
  • The religious elements might offend some people, especially Catholics.
  • Part of the ending is too far-fetched -- like an action movie.


  • 'Angels and Demons' by Dan Brown was first published in 2000.
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
  • 713 Pages

Guide Review - ' Angels and Demons' by Dan Brown - Book Review

As I talk to people, I usually find that those who have read Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code usually prefer whichever book they read first. This rule applies to me as well -- I read Angels and Demons first and was completely drawn in by the plot and pace. I was stunned at the surprises, and excited at the adventure. Angels and Demons isn't great literature, but I don't always want to read great literature. Sometimes I just want good entertainment. Angels and Demons provides that.

Here's the catch: Dan Brown follows a certain formula with most of his books. Some people don't mind this. For me, the second book I read of his (which happened to be The Da Vinci Code) was a lot less thrilling than the first since I could predict some of the twists. If you have already read The Da Vinci Code, be warned that you might not like Angels and Demons as much as I did.

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Angels And Demons By Dan Brown, Member olyangdie

“Langdon was not prepared for what happened next. As Victoria blew, the wounds on either side of the man’s midsection hissed and sprayed blood into the air like blowholes on a whale. The salty liquid hit Langdon in the face” Dan Brown is a phenomenal writing as he puts details and pictures in your head. In the quote above is just a small sample of the language throughout the novel Angels & Demons. Robert Langdon, a young, symbol specialist is called to Rome by CERN after the death of their beloved Leonardo Vetra. Leonardo Vetra is a brilliant man that worked with his daughter, Victoria Vetra, to make a life changing experiment. Anti-Matter. The Anti-Matter is a powerful thing that fuses the theory of science being the proof of god in the world yet a deadly weapon in the wrong hands. Now with the stage set of the illuminati having taken four cardinals and hidden the Anti-Matter somewhere in Rome, Robert is now on a hunt all across Rome with Victoria searching for the illuminati church which everyone has thought to be dead for years and years. The illuminati intend and are forcefully trying to destroy the Vatican City. This adventure is nothing shy of dangerous with an animalistic hassassin craving for prey like a carnivore that will nothing stop in his way. Robert is trying to uncover the hidden secrets of the Vatican and the illuminati, who that are known for keeping secrets locked tight away behind their lips, vaults, and walls. With the help of Victoria and a few others around Robert is trying to save the four Prefertiti cardinals before the hassassin kills the four cardinals and the anti-matter bomb levels all of Rome. I would suggest Angles & Demons for anyone that enjoys a good action packed book with hints of comic relief. Dan Brown has such a captivating way of writing that you can hardly put down the book. Even with all the history packed within its pages and sub plots the story is an easy follow. You as a reader get to connect and see things from different points of views with each character that speaks, walks, and talks making everyone different. The adventures of Robert Langdon do not just stop at Angels and Demons, Dan Brown has his in the sequel to Angles and Demons known as The Da Vinci Code and in another book called The Lost Symbol. With the rather graphic details and content of the book I would suggest it for any school and adult that likes nothing more than a good book. Dan Brown has really out down himself with Angles & Demons.

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