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'Dune Road' by Jane Green - Book Review

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


'Dune Road' by Jane Green

'Dune Road'


The Bottom Line

Jane Green, bestselling author of novels including Babyville and Jemima J, has written her latest novel, Dune Road, about a woman struggling to adapt to her newly-divorced life in suburban Connecticut. Green's book is an easy summer read that has a more mature, less giddy perspective than some of her previous books. Dune Road tells an absorbing story, and Green's fans won't be disappointed.


  • 'Dune Road' is a compelling read, nuanced but straightforward.


  • 'Dune Road' intertwines the stories of many people, which detracts from the focus on the main story.


  • 'Dune Road' was released in June 2009.
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • 352 Pages

Guide Review - 'Dune Road' by Jane Green - Book Review

Kit Hargrove’s post-divorce life is downscaled from the luxury of her life married to a successful Manhattan banker. She struggles to recover her true sense of self, and to relate to her children, her ex-husband and her mother as she learns more about each of them. Meanwhile, she works for a bestselling but reclusive author, and when a new friend of hers seems to be making a move on the famous writer, she begins to learn more about everyone’s mysterious pasts.

Dune Road is the perfect book for a beach read, though I don’t mean to suggest that it is fluffy or Manolo-focused. Green’s characters are formerly-wealthy suburban Connecticut families struggling through the effects of the economic crisis. Complex characters and shifting narrative perspectives make this a more thoughtful novel than some of its peers.

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