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Second Chance by Jane Green - Book Review

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating
User Rating 5 Star Rating (1 Review)


Second Chance by Jane Green

Second Chance - Courtesy Viking Adult

The Bottom Line

Second Chance was written by Jane Green, the best-selling author of chick-lit favorites like Mr. Maybe and Jemima J. Second Chance doesn’t break any new ground, but it’s a solidly written story about friendship and second chances that will keep readers interested.
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  • Green’s characters are well-crafted individuals.
  • Although the plot feels predictable, Green has a few surprises up her sleeve.


  • Green tackles serious subjects, and the tone of her writing doesn’t always match the material.


  • A group of high school friends have gone their separate ways as adults.
  • A tragedy that strikes one of their friends unexpectedly brings them back together.
  • The old friends come to rely on each other as they struggle in their lives.

Guide Review - Second Chance by Jane Green - Book Review

Holly is married with two children but not sure if she loves her husband. Olivia’s long term boyfriend left her suddenly, and she hasn’t gotten her life together since then. Saffron is a successful actress in Hollywood, but she’s in love with a famous married actor. This once-close group of friends has drifted apart over the years, but they are suddenly jolted back into touch with each other after the tragic loss of a friend. Their friendships are renewed as a result, and they come to help shape each others’ futures in unexpected ways.

Jane Green’s Second Chance is a well-written, readable story that moves quickly. It has moments of seriousness and sadness, including a terrorist attack, that take it out of Green’s usual chick lit territory—and might turn off some readers. The bottom line, though, is that Second Chance is a solidly enjoyable novel that will appeal to Green’s many fans.

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
, Member Lina478

The story is about five schools friends who meet after twenty long years. Unfortunately, their reunion comes probably at the worst circumstances: they all gather in the memorial service of their beloved friend Tom. Now there’s left four grieving friends: Olivia, who is mourning about her lost love, Peter, who desperately trying to have children with Anna, the love of his life. Then there is Saffron, an actress who, at the age of thirty-nine is still waiting for her star to shine and finally Holly, who is very unhappy in her marriage with Marcus, who seems to care only about work, putting his wife and children aside. As time goes by, Holly finds herself deeply in love with Toms’ brother Will. However, despite the loss and all the problems each of them has to face in life, they still manage to help each other and laugh as they had never been apart. This story is about life, loss and unbreakable friendship. It is very easy readable book which makes you drop a tear in one page and smile in another. Just after turning the last page, you’ll want to grab a phone and call all your friends.

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