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Readers Respond: What is the Best Dean Koontz Book?

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From the article: Dean Koontz Book List
What is the best Dean Koontz book? Dean Koontz has published a variety of books and often uses pseudonyms. Which one -- under any of his names -- do you think is the best? Share Your Recommendation


A dog lovers dream, and nightmare. I have read 62 of Dean's books so far. Keep writing and I'll keep reading and reading and reading even if it is 3am and I have to work, today.
—Guest coni

Sieze the Night

Christopher Snow has got to be my favorite Dean Koontz character with the possible exception of Odd thomas. . I just wish he'd release the final book already. .
—Guest Khaosbringer

A Big.Little Life

Undoubtedly one of the best dog book ever written. It's about his companion Trixie, his beloved Golden Retriever.
—Guest Tim twedt

false memory

So good I finished in 1night, loved it, I have been reading Dean Koontz for years
—Guest Bea Olivo


It was the first book I read by Koontz and I was hooked! Kept me guessing until the very end. I love all of his books, as each one is unique and I simply LOVE his style of writing. he can keep me spellbound with any book.
—Guest Caroline P.

The Frankenstein Series

I read the entire 5 books in this series in 5 days. I could not put the books down !

The Hideaway

Incredible suspense, good vs. evil and great hero. My first Koontz read
—Guest Wend Schaefer

"The Face"

I love this story! really really I do! So moving I can see the story unfolding , see the players. feel them, my favorite!
—Guest Carolyn S. Garner


The first book of his i'd read, reading that book got me into reading the rest of them, so far I have six of his books and I plan on collecting them all. Dean Koontz is the greatest writer i've seen so far!
—Guest leiko megumi

One door Away From Heaven

Loved this one too! Golden retrievers are such great dogs!
—Guest Chris

the "ODD" series

I have become addicted to "Odd Thomas". from the very first book, I was totally hooked. Live on Odd...
—Guest Rose

best ever dean koontz read

I absolutely love all his books, but Lightning was my first, and remains my favourite, amazing. The guy is an absolute genius.
—Guest diane buswell

Obsessed with dean koontz

Love all his books!! Watchers is my all time favorite. Winter moon is hilarious in a way only dean koontz can deliver. I like odd Thomas but am getting tired of him. Really wish he,d finish Chris Snow series!
—Guest Mlw

Odd Thomas series

Have enjoyed every book of his I have read, but the Odd Thomas books are my favorites.
—Guest Bev

Dragon Tears

I rented this book from the library a long time ago just out of curiosity, ended up buying it right away because I loved it so much. Been reading all his other ones after that and I love them all but Dragon Tears is by far the best book I've ever read.
—Guest Raquel

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What is the Best Dean Koontz Book?

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