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Readers Respond: What is the Best Dean Koontz Book?

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From the article: Dean Koontz Book List
What is the best Dean Koontz book? Dean Koontz has published a variety of books and often uses pseudonyms. Which one -- under any of his names -- do you think is the best?


First one I read. Hooked every since. Have been disappointed a couple of of times but his books keep a me coming back for more. Right up there with Stephen King.
—Guest Delores Allen

The Darkest Evening of the Year

It's a nearly impossible choice, but sharing an affinity for our four-legged friends, I'd currently say "The Darkest Evening of the Year".
—Guest Randi A.


The best book ever is False Memory...I remember reading this book and I awoke in the middle of the night screaming..."I'm not Crazy"
—Guest Tina Morgado

Mr. Murderer

I have read at least 20 of DK's books and so far Mr. Murder has been the best, followed by The Good Guy and The Good Husband.
—Guest dalemac56

Tough Question

For me, it would have to be 'Dark Rivers of the Heart'. It has everything: Hope, love suspense, evil, good; all tied together very well.
—Guest Bob R.

Twightlight Eyes

Loved it and he signed my copy years ago at U of Long Beach, CA.
—Guest Stephanie Holland

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