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Readers Respond: What is the Best Jodi Picoult Book?

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From the article: Jodi Picoult Books
What is the best Jodi Picoult book? Jodi Picoult has published one book each year for many years, so you may be wondering where to start. Here Jodi Picoult readers share their picks for the best Jodi Picoult book of all time.

Best Jodi Picoult Book

I've read several and ALL have captured my attention and heart, but my favorite so far has been "House Rules" followed by "Plain Truth". As I said, every other one has captured my heart, it's very hard to choose a favorite. I listened to them on audio books, through "Audible.com". Great place to get a membership, build up credits and get audio books at a reduced price. Being a knitter/crocheter, it's wonderful to plug in my IPod and work away while listening to a wonderful story. I love biographies, autobiographies, political and historical novels, too. I'm a "Ketchup-bottle reader". If there isn't anything else to read, I'll read the ingredients on the ketchup bottle at the cafe table! LOL!

Jodi Picoult books

I love all of jodi picoult book I read everone some move then once. My 10 favorit are: (1) My Sisters Keeper (2) Nineteen Mintures (3) Handle With care (4) The Pact (5) Change of Heart (6) Salem Falls (7) Loone wofe (8) House Rules (9) Song of The Humpback wheal (10) The Teenth circle. I did like her. I seen the movies the books was base on. The books were better. Looking forward in reading Between the lines
—Guest Mike

Sing You Home

I have read about nine of Jodi's books within the past few months and I would have to say that Sing You Home has been the most engaging to me. I read it in 2 days!!
—Guest Pam

Salem Falls

A heart tugger with twists that keep the reader enthralled from beginning to end. My favorite of all time!

Vanishing act

I lIke all piccoult's book I've read. But so far vanishing act is the best.
—Guest Anonymous

Keeping Faith

First book by Jodi I read, excellent. I have read every other book written since then. She never fails to engross me. Look forward to more reading material by Jodi in 2012.
—Guest Elsie Chalmers

Nineteen Minutes and The Pact

MY favortie books of hers are "Nineteen Minutes," "The Pact," and "Salem Falls", all 3 are superb and would make good movies Part of the reason I loved all three is the character of Jordan the attorney in all 3; he's smart, but adorable, and his helper Selena, their relaionship is a riot. Very believable, and I once worked for a huge law firm in Chicago. We didn't have a lawyer s sexy as Jordan as depicted, but we did have very hard working guys.
—Guest Eileen Kowis

Sing You Home

I love all of her books but my favorite is Sing you home. I also loved the CD that came with it. My second favorite Picoult book is House Rules..She is just amazing!!
—Guest Lori Forst

19 Minutes

This one got my attention the most, I couldn't put it down some of the others have a few pages id rather skip over but this had none, a close second is definately the pact though
—Guest Booster11

The Pact

This book was amazing first book I read and I was completely hooked. Nineteen minutes also another favorite. But all of her books are great!
—Guest Marissa

handle with care

For me, handle with care is picoult's best paced, well written and most interesting story. Although the ending leaves the reader slightly dissapointed, handle with care is picoult's masterpiece. The first picoult i ever read and by far the best
—Guest sasha

Nineteen Minutes

I am saying that the best Jodi Picoult book is Nineteen Minutes solely because that is what you should start out with. However, I do not have a favorite of her books since all of hers are the greatest books I have ever read. People say that a lot about people's books, but with Picoult I can truly say that. Other good ones are My Sisters Keeper and The Pact, but I'm only saying that because those are ones I have read. I'm still working on reading every book of hers ever written. I just started Handle with Care, and I'm almost afraid to read it because I know I would stay up for 24 hours just to read it, analyze it in y head, and then read it again. If you havent read a Jodi Picoult book, though, please start with Nineteen Minutes. Then I promise you you'll want to read them all.
—Guest Emily

My Sister's Keeper and Others

My sisters keeper was a really emotional book for me, but i really loved The Pact and Handle with Care as well! She handles the characters so well and I can't wait to read her newest book!
—Guest SoHard!

Change of Heart

"Change of Heart" was beautifully written and expresses all of the character's emotions and brought me to tears. I strongly suggest that you read Change of Heart, and read one of Jodi Picoult's Amazing works of art.
—Guest iCandii03243

MY Top 10 best books

1) My Sister's Keeper 2) Nineteen Mintures 3) Sing You Home 4) House Rules 5) Handle With Care 6) Change Of Heart 7) The Pack 8) Salem Falls 9) Keeping Faith 10) Tenth Circle Jodi Picoult other books are good as well. 11) Vanshing Acts 12) Perfect Match 13) Plan Truth 14) Harvest of Heart 15) Song of The Humback Wheal 16) Picture Perfect 17) Mercy 18) Second Glance Note have not read Over the moon
—Guest Micha

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