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Readers Respond: What is the Best John Grisham Book?

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John Grisham's books are mostly legal thrillers, but he has also written small town novels and even one piece of nonfiction. What is the best John Grisham book? Grisham fans can look over this complete list of John Grisham's books and then share their recommendations here. What's Your Favorite?

The Broker

I am a huge John Grisham fan! I love them all but The Broker and the Chamber run at the top of my list! I cannot wait for the sequel to A Time to Kill

A time to kill,the client,

I love to read is books he is very funny at time ,I even got my husband to read him ,and this man does not read.
—Guest Colette Ako

best book

John Grisham's BEST book, although they are all good, will always be _A Time to Kill_.
—Guest doris smith

A time to kill

A time to kill is still my best nd I totally love the client!
—Guest olamide

A Time to Kill

My mother in law introduced me to John Grisham's books; she loved to read all his books and had them all up until she passed in 2008. Sure wish she could have met him and told him how she loved each one of his books. She talked of his books often. I think they are all good; but my favorite is A time to Kill. She would say she couldn't pick just one....haha
—Guest Kathy

The Street Lawyer

Every time I read a new one, I think it's my favorite -until I read his next one!
—Guest sallie

Playing For Pizza

I love them all but this one had a chemistry and flavor all it's own. Viva Italia!!
—Guest Martin McNally


you ought to take a job repositioning legal practice and lecturing in law school
—Guest chuks

The Rainmaker

The best for me! Though the movie sucks. Hope to read his next novel, the sequel of A Time to Kill.
—Guest Lorenz Teopengco

a time to kill

the first and still the best. the king of torts was the the worst.
—Guest fordy

Street lawyer

The best!! All new lawyers should have to do service with the poor
—Guest Diane

Street Lawyer

I love this book ") I wish it was a movie about Street Lawyer w/ Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. I know it would b a good movie.
—Guest Priscilla Everage

The Brethern

Blackmailing at its best and the blackmailers are adoreable. John Grisham is not a writer he is fantasizer.


The Firm was my first ever Grisham's novel and the best until i laid my hands on 'A Time to kill' Other novels such as The Client followed and I thought no other book of his will dislodge A Time to Kill until I read Rainmaker! Yes, RAINMAKER. Rainmaker is my best Grisham's book and probably Grisham himself. I have read it 13 times over and over, while A Time to kill was read 6 times and the Firm 6 times as well. 10 times for The Firm if I include movies and The Client was read 3 times but must have been watched up to 10 times as well with Pelican Brief! But in all, I always go back to Rainmaker. Simply an inspiration!
—Guest Amos Felix

The Innocent Man (NF)

This is not just a book, it is an experience! This story is an almost unbelievable insight into the very heart of the almost total ineptness of a police force and the related justice system that supported it, in a small town in southeast Oklahoma; in the twentieth and twenty-first Centuries, in the United States of America! This story explains in vivid detail how this incompetence caused the total destruction and almost the execution of one young man; and how it affected the lives of several others. The ‘Author’s Note’ at the end is very insightful I thought. The last sentence of the dust cover statement I believe says it all; “If you believe the criminal justice system is fair, this book will infuriate you.” It has more than enraged me!
—Guest webobubson

What's Your Favorite?

What is the Best John Grisham Book?

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