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Readers Respond: What is the Best Nicholas Sparks Book?

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From the article: Nicholas Sparks Book List
Nicholas Sparks' best book is a subject of debate among Sparks fans. Have an opinion about Nicholas Sparks' best book? Or are you new to Sparks and want to know his best book so you know which one to read first? Nicholas Sparks readers can look over this complete list of Nicholas Sparks books and then share their recommendations. Share Your Favorite

The Choice

I have not read all of his books yet, but so far my favorite is The Choice. I listened to the audio book as I would drive...bad idea. I cried and cried. And I would sit there just to see what would happen next. What a wonderful story.
—Guest Meghan

The Choice

By far, my favorite, with a wonderful ending. Have never read books as captivating as Nicholas Sparks books. I can't put them down. Read them and pass long to other family Nicholas fans.
—Guest jane harrison

My favorite books by Nicholas Sparks

I read: THREE WEEKS WITH MY BROTHER, co-authored by Micah Sparks, at the insisting of my sister. She was hinting that we take a long trip together. Before we could make plans, my mother, age 105, had a stroke shortly after her 104th birthday and my sister's husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease shortly before Christmas of last year. As fortune would have it, I was diagnosed with PD last week. The trip is off, but there are many books by my favorite author (NS), to keep me busy. So far, other than the one listed above, I've read: MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE and THE NOTEBOOK. I plan to read: THE WEDDING, next.
—Guest Eyrline Morgan

The Longest Ride

I don't usually like to read but I couldn't put this book down. I fell absolutely in love with the stories of the different characters. I had a hard time putting the book down because I needed to know more. The ending was absolutely beautiful and not what I was expecting. I highly recommend his newest book to everyone.
—Guest Stef

Safe Haven

By far the best book because of the unexpected coolest twist to a book a fan could ask for. So touching. Fell in love with the characters especially Katie. She stuck out to me because she was so brave and loving towards the kids. The movie was amazing. Wish there was more Jo scenes in the movie but no other Nicholas Sparks book will ever outdo Safe Haven in my opinion. So suspenseful so romantic. So cool!
—Guest Safe Heaven

The Best of Me

Such a GREAT book! I cried soooo much! But it was a really good love story about high school sweethearts falling in love again. A MUST READ!
—Guest Kenz

A Walk To Remember

I've just started reading Nicholas Sparks Novels..They are so captivating and beautiful.I've so far read A Walk To Remember and The Lucky One. I couldn't put down both of them once i started reading..There is no complex plots or storyline in his stories ,they are simple and filled with love ,hope happiness and pain.Many times it filled my eyes and left my chest with a heavy feeling of pain and happiness at the same time. I've decided to read his entire works.Best wishes to you Nicholas Sparks..
—Guest Abhay Narayan

A Walk to Remember

It's the most touching book ever written and that i have read. and the best novel-turned-movie ever. i was never disappointed when it was released as a motion picture. It made me bursting in tears. its about true love, a pure love indeed and wholesome..very romantic..thumbs up for this!
—Guest Candice

a walk to remember

This one makes me cry like a child, it makes me envy them for such a love !
—Guest rawa

Message in a Bottle

This book made me cry, like all of Sparks' novels I read. It's just a touching, well written and beautiful story that's worth reading. I really recommend it.
—Guest Juliette

A walk to remember

I couldn't put this book down. It had me laughing, smiling and crying at all the right moments. I recommended it to anyone at any age. It's not to mature, but will be enjoyed by anyone who reads it. Plus, it's been turned into a movie as well.
—Guest Katelyn

The Best of Me and Dear John

All of his books are amazing, and beautiful but these two just really did it for me. Dear John was the first Nicholas Sparks book I read and it was so captivating. Every page kept me wanting more and more, plunging into the world of John and Savannah, or Dawson and Amanda. These two made me cry the most, spectacular endings, and perfect characters.
—Guest genesis

Dear John

I have everyone of his books in hardback I grew up in N.C. and love the local color he writes with. I know where the places are.
—Guest Betty Fench

Safe Haven

I'm not usually very emotional when it comes to books and movies, but the book made me cry. It was wonderful!
—Guest Taylor

The Lucky One

I could not put this book down it was so good, and immediately after the movie was on TV. I was very disappointed with the movie. Everything was out of context. The book was superb though.
—Guest Jean Morgan

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What is the Best Nicholas Sparks Book?

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