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Readers Respond: What is the Best Nicholas Sparks Book?

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From the article: Nicholas Sparks Book List
Nicholas Sparks' best book is a subject of debate among Sparks fans. Have an opinion about Nicholas Sparks' best book? Or are you new to Sparks and want to know his best book so you know which one to read first? Nicholas Sparks readers can look over this complete list of Nicholas Sparks books and then share their recommendations.

The Choice

I have not read all of his books yet, but so far my favorite is The Choice. I listened to the audio book as I would drive...bad idea. I cried and cried. And I would sit there just to see what would happen next. What a wonderful story.
—Guest Meghan

The Notebook

this book is the best for me cos it portrays an eternal love.
—Guest martha

the lucky one

I have to say I havent read a book in 5 years and a friend of mine gave me the lucky one to read. Lets just say that the details in this book was amazing to point that i could actually see the charactors in my head as i was reading it. I just loved loved loved this book. I recommened it to anyone. Once you star reading it, you will not want to put it down and when i did, i got excited to pick it up again to read it.
—Guest jen

Dear john

I loved this book! It did make me cry a little but if u havent read it im not telling u what happened. This book explained everybody and everything. I am only 10 years old and I loved this book! If I had to rate this book from a 1 to 10 it would be a million : p. Read this book it is my favorite book and my favorite author is Nicholas sparks like I said I'm only a 10 year old and I was board so my mom gave me this book and I fell in love with it
—Guest Lexie


The Best of me is absolutely the best Nicholas Sparks book that I have read! once I started I could not put it down. It reaches into a wide range of emotions. I cannot recommend this book enough, especially if you are a huge Nicholas Sparks fan as myself! Cannot wait til his next book comes out!
—Guest helen

The Choice

i loveeeeee this book! one of the best ever!!! :D couldnt put it down!
—Guest Deja Whitmore


I decided to read the last song after seeing the movie and cried while reading it. Not only was Sparks able to capture the things the movie could not portray like the suspense of this novel. Even knowing the ending already i was clueless to how farthe emotions and the compassion of the characters. Since then I have read the lucky one not only to myself, to my little sister as well who HATES reading. She was into the book and it's characters lives. She was begging and bribing me to read to her. I'm glad there's an author as talented as Sparks for me and my sister to rely on to show us what it's like to lose and gain true love.
—Guest Chelsea


I was fascinated with the loving details and deep feelings shown.
—Guest lucille morrissette

Dear John

i read it and i fell in love with it ! It is by far the best book that i have read.
—Guest Meii

Message in a Bottle

I took my best friend to Boston & Maine,& they were filming by L.L.Bean & then went to my friends in West Paris,Me. & we were informed then about the filming, When we arrived back to WV she was diagnosed with acute Lekumeia,& 3 yrs. later with ovarian cancer,we had 13 wonderful years reading allof your books, Did not care for movie as much as the places were changed. Loveed all of your books. What is your new one?
—Guest Ruth Cole

The Lucky One

I really do believe The Lucky One was the best of his novels. I really got attached to the characters and the story, and I could not put it down. It took me a minimum of 3 days to complete it. I have never bawled tears or sadness, and joy, from a book before. I felt like I was actually watching the movie, because his details were so great, and made an amazing visiualization in my mind. It's not just about a guy traveling across the country to find out who the woman in the picture is. He's looking for his destiny. And as soon he sees her, he knows he's found it. All in all, it was an emotional rollercoaster, and I LOVED it. :)
—Guest Rachael

Good movie, great book

I read "AWTR" while en route to Virginia and I loved it. The movie conveyed the romance but flit was made to appeal to today's young people so it lost some of its appeal for me.

Nights In Rodanthe

I have read and liked many of Nicholas Sparks books including The Last Song, The Noteboook, A Walk To Remember, Dear John, and working on The Wedding. But by just a little slide i think that Nights In Rodanthe is THE BEST. It is a truly amazing love story. It tells that true love can come and go but alwayss be happy:). I would recommend all of his books but just to get a good impression on his writing, please read Nights in Rodanthe, even though all his books will tell you how amazing of an author Nicholas Sparks really is:)..!!
—Guest Tootiebugg

The wedding

Loved every single book from Nicholas Sparks and can't wait to read more (please!!!), but this one got me...I adored the ultimate twist to the story...
—Guest Cristina Vantini

nicholas sparks a message in a bottle

its a beautiful story of how a man portrays his lost love and write letters to her,seal it up in a bottle n throws it in the ocean...another woman finds it and falls in love with him thinking how romantic he is...finally these two meet up n fall in love....a fabulous and heart touching story...
—Guest somasree mukherjee
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