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Readers Respond: What is the Best Nicholas Sparks Movie?

Responses: 60



wow, very suspenseful a wonderful love story that made me cry. certainty my favorite
—Guest guest bubble


Oh. My. God!!!! I watched a walk to remember like yesterday and it is THE BEST MOVIE!!! I mean, it's pretty old, n the settings look so human-made, but it's so cute and sad. I cried when I saw the movie. I love the notebook too. It was an adorable movie, and I cried there too. In general, I just love all of the movies nicholas sparks has made, and his books are even better!!!!

walk to remember

i really loves nicholas sparks books.. but i most love a walk to remember movie, such a very touching ang heartfelt story.. i really love it. and never tired of watching it. lol..
—Guest road

The Notebook

By far The Notebook is the best movie, and not just among Nicholas Sparks books. Great story, great acting...the chemistry between McAdams & Gosling is fantastic. A must see!
—Guest Kristy

Message In A Bottle

Although Message In A Bottle was my favorite, every movie he has made touched my heart in a very special way.
—Guest Collene Karr


Very heart touching, All the more reason to make up before going to bed with your loved one or not asking for forgiveness when you have an issue with friends or relatives.

The last song

this movie made me cry which amazed me because it had miley in it. But i would start crying at almost every sad point in the movie.
—Guest Stephanie

The Last Song

The Last Song was the most inspiring and intense and full book I have ever read. I cried for two and a half hours while reading it. But even though I was crying, there were still parts that made me laugh. It also provided some food for thought. It made me think about mortality, and the limited time we are given to say how much we love our loved ones. And on top of that, it provides the best examples of what true love is willing to endure, even as young as Ronnie and Will are. This book, I can honestly say, has inspired me to change how I live my life, and to live every second as if I, or a loved one, won't have another second to live. I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever thought about trying to find a relationship with God, or even someone who loves to read about love or finding God, and themselves. This book has taught me so much. Thanks, Nicholas Sparks.
—Guest princessle1

The Choice

You will love this from start to finish and it will stay with you a long time. A must read;very romantic.
—Guest Bettie

Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle is very romantic from the very first to the last page. It is a must read at home or on a beach.
—Guest Bettie

Dear John

The book was better than the movie. Dear John is heartwarming,sad,and joyful as all of Nicholas Sparks' books are.

dear john

watched it 5 times - very poignant and emotional loved actors who played main roles very real
—Guest carol phill

Dear John

This movie made me cry from the beginning. it's a great, romantic, touching movie. i watch it over and over again. the way john and savannah are with eachother is just sooo romantic :-) the story is like a fairy tale but it really happens in reality. it's simply the best to me.
—Guest Anastasia

The Choice

My favorite book so far is The Choice. A Walk to Remember is a close second. Although the best movie is the Notebook, so far.
—Guest moonpopdiva

the last song

i cried during the last song it was intense and just wonderful
—Guest lauren

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