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Readers Respond: What is the Best Nicholas Sparks Movie?

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the notebook

i love the ending of the movie and all the characters were so great in acting
—Guest ail

The last song:)!!!

Omg this movie meant so much 2 me I could really relate 2 it both the book and the movie are amazing I love them sooooo much and I would recomend for anybody 2 watch it an/ or read it will probaly make you cry so please watch/ read this and Miley Cyrus is a very great actress in this movie and so is liam hemsworth I love them both!!!!!
—Guest Ledford

Dear John

I've seen the last song and almost all except for the end of dear John. And from what I've seen of dear John I know it is very sad and VERY touching. But I cried sooo much. The last song is good though.
—Guest Sarah

The last song

If you like crying ... This is Great! If you are already sad and dealing with sadness........?
—Guest Bob

Dear John&A Walk To Remember

Love those book/movies , They made me cry. Nicolas Sparks's are so real , when I read them it felt like I was part of the story.
—Guest None

A Walk to Remember

I cried threw the book and finally got over the fact that it wasn't real. Then I saw the movie and realized that love is stronge and that a negative can be turned into a positive, no matter what. Also that you should live your life because some people don't get a chance to do so. love your work Mr.Sparks
—Guest bryana:p

an awesome book

I absolutely. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeed the movie A walk to remember! I cried the whole way through the movie and Nicholas sparks did an amazing job! But every book and movie I have seen and read were amazing and he is my FAVORITE author of all time
—Guest kaylee

Book-The Last Song Movie-The Notebook

The best movie is The Notebook and the best book is The Last Song. This is such a hard choice because all of them are SOO GREAT!!! I love all of the books by Nicholas Sparks, they are so romantic and so sad. I read them very quickly because I can not put them down. I can't wait for the next book to be released!
—Guest Amanda


one of the few books with a good movie adaptation :D such a good movie
—Guest rae


when i watched this first time , i didn't understand the movie ,But on the second time i realized that we are have to give not just only second chances but million chances especially on people we loved . This movie is so inspiring.
—Guest SarenSparks

A walk to rememeber

Out of all the nicholas Sparks books, this one made me cry the most. The movie even more. It's a beautiful story. It taught me just because something tragic happend doesn't mean you should stop living. And love is the strongest miracal that can happen.
—Guest Shaunee

Last Song

Loved it ,loved it Sparks is the best romance writer I have ever read. Have all of His books and movies and enjoy watching and reading over and over.
—Guest Donna

The Last Song

The Last Song is one of the greatest movies I've ever seen in all 17 years of my life. I'm not an emotional person, but I definitely broke down towards the end. It is a great story of love and loss. Miley Cyrus plays her part very well. I would recommend this movie to any one. Definitely an all time favorite. I give it a 5-star review!
—Guest Justine

The Notebook

I read the book a number of times, not believing each time it could be written by a man. The movie stays very close to the writing and who can go wrong with James Garner? Beautiful - simply beautiful!
—Guest Nan K


wow, very suspenseful a wonderful love story that made me cry. certainty my favorite
—Guest guest bubble

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What is the Best Nicholas Sparks Movie?

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