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Readers Respond: What is the Best Nicholas Sparks Movie?

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Best book Nights in Rodanthe!

The best book was definantly Nigths in Rodanthe. Like all of Nicholas Sparks book it was extremly sad yet heart warming. This book show just how much a mother would go through and suffer so she daughter could learn from her experience and be a better person for it.
—Guest liz

"The Guardian"

I think "The Guardian" was Nicholas Sparks' best book by far. It should definetely be his next movie because it's a great story and I think guys will enjoy it the most because of the whole stalker and fight sequence thing.


Its was really a good book! But i do have to say that the movie was way better. :D I loved it!
—Guest Aleesia

favorite book and movie

My favorite Nicholas Sparks movie is definitaly A Walk To Remember. It is so emotional and i cry like a baby every single time I watch it. My favorite book that I have read(granted I haven't read them all) is The Last Song. This book is more of a real life situation than some of the other books and it is not all focused on the Summer romance. It includes many issues she faces as a teenager, and the way she solves them in the end is very heartwarming. I recommend The Last Song to readers of all ages because it is such an enjoyable book, but also because it has real situations and doesn't have adult content. Definitaly one you don't want to put down.
—Guest Maddie

the Notebook

I think the Notebook is the best movie I have ever watched.Watching the 12 deleted/alternate scenes makes it even better.Wish they could have put the scene about the doctor asking Noah how it all started with Allie's memory fading in the movie and also the scene about Allie asking Noah" who is Martha",Those two deleted scenes would have added so much more meaning to the movie.I have watched the movie so many times,I have memorized almost all the lines!ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!
—Guest lynn

Dear John

I loved this book i couldnt put it down its filled with happy,sad and romantic parts and the feeling that the characters are going through its like your feeling them to. Its a awsome book and i would recomend it to anyone!
—Guest Liz

Movie "notebook" book "guardian"

notebook was an amazing movie, better then the book. the best of his books is guardian, i hope they make it is a movie some day.
—Guest jessie

Dear John

It's soo hard to decide, but I would have to say Dear John is my favorite, it makes you feel almost every emotion. It's a great story.

The Notebook

There can not be a movie by Nicholos Sparks any better than "The Notebook". I have seen this movie at least 15 times in the past 6 mons.,A 66year old female. Love this man
—Guest Rae Wood

The Notebook

It really made me cry!!! I have watched the movie several times but still cries everytime I do!!! It's just so touching! A wonderful story of one great love!!!

A walk to remember

Great movie! Definitely a tear jerker, but you feel the movie and that is the best part. I read the novels before I see the movies and it brings me so much closer with the film. I recommend reading the novels first...
—Guest Teonna

The Notebook

I think the Notebook was the best movie. It was the only one where I liked it better than the book.
—Guest tearsrightnow

A Bend in the Road

I had read somewhere that Nicholas Sparks's book "A Bend in the Road" is also being made into a movie, and its a great story! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!
—Guest Savannah

"The Notebook"

I've read all of Mr. Sparks' books & passed them on to my sister who is also a big fan! I really loved the "Notebook" & the movie version was really good! Especially the ending! Have tissues handy! *sniff* ;-)
—Guest musicchick2

Message in a Bottle

I loved the characters in this movie and the movie was outstanding in my opinion. The Notebook was also good but "Message" the best.
—Guest Brenda Witt

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