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Readers Respond: What is the Best Nicholas Sparks Movie?

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From the article: Nicholas Sparks Movies
Nicholas Sparks movies often do well, and some have argued that they prefer the movie adaptations of Sparks' books to the actual books. If you are a Nicholas Sparks fan, what is your favorite Nicholas Sparks movie? Share your recommendation and see what others think!

the last song

i love it because i can relate it to my own life story...and its very touching...i love the way how miley cyrus played the role..
—Guest maureen seguerra


well Ive always loved the" notebook' ( and i think the actors were brillant!!) but i fell in love with the' last song' ( actors very good in that) and now im really loving' A walk to Remember' (acting absolutely brillant!!) Nicholas Sparks you are AMAZING!!
—Guest judianne

Read the books instead

His movies are okay, but the books are better. The movies lack depth and do not follow the same detail which is disappointing. The Last Song was by far the best book-2-movie for Sparks.
—Guest Books R Better

note book

the first time i look at the note book, it made me think about my mother, the way she love my father and her children, the things she did to help us to grow up to be strong and lovable peoples, too this day i love her unconditional and the wisdom she left her children.

The Last Song, Dear John

I absolutley love the last song and dear john, but i have seen all of nicholas spark's movies and A walk to remember and The notebook are also very good!

Message in a Bottle & The Notebook

I think Message in a Bottle and The Notebook were the best movies
—Guest Norma

The Notebook!

It's probably the most romantic movie of all times. Way better than the other ones but they're good too. A Walk to Remember is my second choice. Nicholas Sparks is simply the best! :)
—Guest Bookworm

The Notebook and....

The Notebook: Definitely the best one hands down. No question about it. Not only is it the best Sparks movie but it's the best movie ever!!!! After that here are the other of his movies in this order: A Walk to Remember (really good: rating: A-) The Last Song (rating: A-) but after that they're not as good: Dear John: C Message in a Bottle: C- Nights in Rodanthe: D
—Guest Loni

A walk to remember

it's the best novel i read n best movie i saw in my life.... i'm really impressed by spark's stories.... wat a love story he makes..
—Guest kalpesh

A Walk To Remember & The Notebook

I am honestly lost for words. The most amazing , heart rending movies I have ever seen! I can personally relate to 'the notebook' myself & I've never cried sooo much as much as I did while watching 'a walk to remember'. Hats off to you Nicholas Sparks! (: Would recomend it to everyone!
—Guest Ayesha

The Notebook

Best movie in the world. Nicholas Sparks you are awesome
—Guest lil missy

a walk to remember!

This had to be the best movie i have ever seen.Nicolas, you have an amazing talent to make someone like me cry.Never have i ever cried during a book,well now i have
—Guest luvnicksparks

The notebook

i loved it , the best movie i ever watched. its a beautiful story
—Guest angelika

A Walk to Remember and The Last Song

i love both of the movies and the actors did well. I cried a lot tho
—Guest Kharla


I simply loved it. So touching and heartfelting. Cried through the whole movie and watched it over and over again five times! Miracles do happen, once when you believe in it. (:
—Guest NS roks

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