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Readers Respond: What is the Best Nicholas Sparks Movie?

Responses: 74


From the article: Nicholas Sparks Movies
Nicholas Sparks movies often do well, and some have argued that they prefer the movie adaptations of Sparks' books to the actual books. If you are a Nicholas Sparks fan, what is your favorite Nicholas Sparks movie? Share your recommendation and see what others think! Share Your Recommendation

A Walk to Remember

This story has really changed me. It makes me wanna see the good things in everyone. I love Mandy Moore and Shane West. They could really make a great couple. (I'm dying to see them again together). The book & the movie both have amazing versions of the story. And until now I still find myself falling inlove with this story. It always makes me cry everytime. It's about finding your true love in your least expected person. It's about how you'll become a better person when you love someone. The ending made an impression on me too. I'm so touched how Landon never loved any other girl beside Jamie. I believe this is happening in real life. It's the best novel ever by Nicholas Sparks. And so he's the best author ever!
—Guest Leigh

A Walk to Remember

I have seen the movie probably a dozen times and it ALWAYS touches me and reminds me what is important in life
—Guest samcever

a walk to remember

I read the book and watched the movie, both are great!
—Guest jquick

message in a bottle

It was the first book I read of N.S. I love it i cry.Now the only novels I read are from N.S. I love them all.Please do not stop writting. I have all your books.l lend them but do not give them.I will buy some as present.
—Guest Genevieve D.

The guardian

I absolutely loved this book! This was the first Nicholas spark book I read and it is the reason I keep reading his work. The guardian gave me so many emotions and I would love to see a motion picture of this novel
—Guest Elizabeth

A Walk To Remember & Dear John

Where to begin? A walk to remember is probably one of the best books I've ever read. It makes you reevaluate your life and touches you beyond belief. & Dear John has a special twist ending that leaves you absolutely speechless!
—Guest eric

The Gurdian and a Bend In The Road

I Believe that The Gurdian and A Bend In The Road were wonderful Novels I wish they would be made into Motion Pictures that would be so great those novels really take you through adventures in Love Trust and Honesty and the power of Fate. My favorite movie so far is the Lucky One but I wish The Gurdian and A Bend In The Road will make it to the big screen!!!
—Guest Laurie Stravino

The Lucky One

Made me feel all my emotions in one movie, beautifully written!
—Guest Debbie speed

A Walk to Remember

This story touched my heart beyond belief. It's a high school sweetheart romance with a twist. Landon Carter is your typical high school rebel who is always trying to impress someone, and Jaime Sullivan who is your typical good girl and the preacher's daughter. The two have an unlikely meet up when Landon finds himself in some trouble, and doing community service mandated by his principal.
—Guest Shannon

a walk to remember

is the most beautifull of all nicholas sparks movies, is touching, after that the notebook is very good with excelent actors, and the last song is beautifull too, in the books i think the lucky one is full of passion and the book is a lot better than the movie, and true believer and at first sight can be an amazing film, the books are amazing.

Nights at Rodanthe

This movie just moves me! I cry and laugh... I absolutely love this movie... But all Nicholas Sparks books turned movies are absolutely fantastic.

a walk to rememeber!

Best movie ever !!!! (: I still have yet to read the book but I will
—Guest JeffreyBrown

Notebook but the books are better

I really enjoy Nicholas Sparks's writing his books are some of my favorites and many of them are tearjerkers. However when they're brought to the movie screen they're usually not as good, sometimes straying from his plots and changing his original endings. If you just take the movies for face value and try not to compare every detail to the books however they're still very good. If I had to pick just one I would pick the Notebook. I heard that the Last Song is his best movie adaptation due to the fact that he actually wrote the screen play. I can not say if this is true because I have yet to see it due to the effect the book itself had on me I've been avoiding the movie.


I think he should make this a movie its a great book
—Guest katrina

the last song

i love it because i can relate it to my own life story...and its very touching...i love the way how miley cyrus played the role..
—Guest maureen seguerra

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What is the Best Nicholas Sparks Movie?

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