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Readers Respond: What is the Best Nora Roberts Book?

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From the article: Nora Roberts Book List
What is the best Nora Roberts book? Nora Roberts publishes several books every year, and is one of the most prolific authors alive. Wondering which Nora Roberts book to read? Nora Roberts fans can weigh in here about which book is Nora Roberts' best.

The Witness

I absolutely loved this book. It was my first Nora Roberts book. I love the strength of the main character and everyone in it! I couldn't put it down and was sorry that I finished it.
—Guest Nadine Reck

The Witness

I thought The Witness was Roberts best . I am rereading it again.
—Guest Jo

The Reef

How come I never see The Reef in any favorites list? It's my absolute favorite of all her books. Excellent character development all around. Vivid descriptions that made me feel I was right there diving with them and experiencing the smell and sound of the ocean, the thrill of the dive, the wonders of the sea, the beauty of the reef. But most of all, I loved Matthew. Which woman wouldn't like a lover like him? Strong, passionate, smart, sexy, great in bed, and absolutely in love with Red. And red's character is an intelligent, successful woman who finds that, despite her efforts she can't resist him. Well developed secondary characters with strong family and friendship bonds that are a present in most of her work. Very romantic and my favorite by far. It was my first Nora Roberts' book. I have read many of her books after that, and although most of them have been great, this one Is the one I will always remember.
—Guest Ann souci

Private Scandals

Private Scandals is my favourite because there was so much suspense and the romance was nice too. I just finished reading the "Daring to Dream" trilogy and I really liked it too. Pure romance, but all of the characters were so likable!
—Guest TLH

Chasing Fire

Superb.. Awesome.. Love it.. I really enjoyed reading all the books from Nora Roberts collection.. I can't wait for the new release..
—Guest Normala Azlan Hir

The Witness

Just finished reading The Witness to my husband. We thought it was the best Nora Roberts so far!
—Guest audrey


Best characters, ever. Something new every time I read it. I love the otherwordly touch to her stories, the feeling that these are situations that could happen.
—Guest e.elliott

the donovans

great reading one of the best books about magic . interesting characters..
—Guest bj

Carolina Moon

Loved this book personally, I was completely immersed in it, was quite a surprise at the end too, one of my favorites. Also loved the Bride Quartets! Read over 30 of her books and won't quit until I've read them all:)
—Guest Melissa

The Circle Trilogy

I love all of her books and have re-read several of them. Looking forward to the next new releases.
—Guest BJB

Key Trilogy

I loved Malory, Dana, & Zoe. All three of these women are different, yet the exact same. Nora Roberts did a beautiful job with this trilogy. She made the words on the pages come to life. I felt as if I actually knew the people I was reading about. That's just how GOOD it was. I did not want to put it down. I was sad when i had finished the last book, Key of Valor. I hope Nora Roberts writes another book in the Key Trilogy. Anyone who reads the Key Trilogy will be very pleased!
—Guest Shawn Barnes

In death series & Bridal quartet

I read the 1st 2 books of the In death series in less than a wk. I couldn't stop reading,it was the same for the Bridal quartet. I highly recommend 'Nora Roberts'.
—Guest Joanne

Chasing Fire

Chasing Fire is detailed about the fire fighters and how to fight fires. Very impressed by the procedure by all of the fire fighters and back up personal. Also "The Search" was another great book of what training of the dogs, and of course the great relationships of men and woman when there is a common goal. I love reading all the trilogies also! Thank you so much for all your great writing!!
—Guest Sheryl Coburn

night tales

loved all the night tales read them all in a week. found night shift on holidays and is what got me hooked on nora roberts books.
—Guest hazy

Face the Fire

This series of books is wonderfully exciting, i've already read them three times!!!
—Guest Meeoww11

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