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Readers Respond: What is the Best Nora Roberts Book?

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What is the best Nora Roberts book? Nora Roberts publishes several books every year, and is one of the most prolific authors alive. Wondering which Nora Roberts book to read? Nora Roberts fans can weigh in here about which book is Nora Roberts' best. Recommend your Favorite

Best Nora Roberts Book

The Witness, by far the best!!!!!! I have read them all ( even all the In Death series. The Witness was my absolute favorite!!!
—Guest Trina Crockwell

Whiskey Beach

loved the suspense and couldn't put the book down. Nora Roberts has become my favorite author over the past year and hard to pick a favorite!
—Guest Diane Evans

Some of her earlier work

Loved One Summer, Second Nature, and Gabriel's Angel. Of her later stuff, I love Divine Evil, Chasing Fire, and The Witness.

The Villa

It has everything, 3 generations of love, murder and a surprise ending
—Guest Judy

Chesapeake Bay Series

The series is funny and heartwarming. Not only is the relationship special between the brothers, but also the romantic love is real. The only thing better would be the find Nora/JD for the first time and have all her novels to read!
—Guest Sharon

Montana Sky

Loved the book,(except for the slayings, etc..)After watching the DVD, Ashley Williams as Willa & John Corbett as Ben really endeared me to the story. Loved them (Willa & Ben) in the book also!
—Guest Mary Davis

Daring to Dream

Flowery descriptions,bonded three hearts;magical romance.easy rich language.fulfilling every woman's dream. NORA I love you your inspiration your style and heroines
—Guest premalatha


Love many of her books, but lawless is just one off my favorites,couldn't put it down once I started reading!
—Guest judi

Carnal innocense n Sanctuary

The best books I ever read,I love the surprise at the end. it's mystery, suspense. I also love Homeport, Carolina Moon and The Villa. Great books.
—Guest luz santiago

Public secrets

It's my favourite because i loved the settings. It's so wonderful.

Inn Boonsboro Triology

I loved this triology. I really liked the way Ms. Roberts interwove the characters of the present with those of the past while keeping the mystery. GREAT JOB.
—Guest Margaret Horton


Suspenseful--beginning of book keeps you on The edge of your chair. Great and gutsy Main female. Run a library in local woman's Club-- this is my recommended reading and The book is always returned with "rave" reviews. Would love more of this exciting Book, one of her best! Female character
—Guest BARBARA Ternavan

Golden Shores

Out of all her books. This was my absolute favorite. Parts of it made me cry but in a happy way and sad on another I was trulytoich by this book.Brvo Ms.Roberts. thank you for yur Love romance.and adventure.
—Guest cindy

THe Wittness

Loved the book and The Macgregors Plus all books about Ireland. Wonderful author
—Guest Cindy C.

key of light trilogy

the women in these books inspire you soo much,i love them

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What is the Best Nora Roberts Book?

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