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Readers Respond: What is the Best James Patterson Book?

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From the article: James Patterson Book List
What do you think the best James Patterson book is? James Patterson readers and fans can look over this complete list of James Patterson books and then share their recommendations. What's Your Favorite? What's Your Favorite?

the zoo

Best book by far-so very out there. Kept me on the edge of my bed for a few days
—Guest debie bumgarner

my favorite james Patterson book.

I just finished kill me if you can I have to say its probably one of the best books I have ever read. Excited to see what else Patterson has for me to read.
—Guest steve rhodes

When The Wind Blows

It was the first book I had ever read by him. I loved the characters and the plot. 2 thumbs up.
—Guest Anna

The Jester

Very intreguing book Held my interest throughout. Thought it would have made an excellent movie.
—Guest Marcia Mengel

What's Your Favorite?

Sam's Letters to Jennifer, the first of James Patterson that I read. One night is all it took and I couldn't stop even for a minute.
—Guest Judy

Witch and Wizard series

I loved these books. I would always be on the edge of my seat. I would think it was going to go one way then it went the other, even better way. These books were thrilling, lovable, and most of all shocking.
—Guest Juliet

all of the alex cross series

by far the best author i have ever read.i like the short chapters,if you have to go or do something you can read one or two chapters
—Guest jack novak

Two Words!

Alex Cross! Anything Alex Cross. Read it!!! I was first introduced to James Patterson books by my older brother and ever since Patterson is my go-to for Mystery/Thrillers.
—Guest Maia

Guiltyty Wives

I ready this book in three days and then I started looking for more James Patterson books. Great reading!
—Guest Maria Garcia

Now you see her now you don't

I have never been much of a reader until a friend turned me on to JP books. Wow now I want to read them all!!! He's amazing.
—Guest Pat Parmley

I, Alex Cross

Any book with Alex Cross is the best but I like I, Alex Cross the best.
—Guest Darla A. Greene

a time to kill

This has to be the best stand alone book I think its amazing, exciting and kept me on my toes wanting more
—Guest josh

Suzzane's Diary to Nicholas

I love all of JPs books but Suzzane's Diary to Nicholas is refreshing!
—Guest Ann Ruby

Alex Cross

The best writer and it held your interest all the way through the book
—Guest Bonnie thomas

along came a spider

The very best. You couldn't help but feel a part of the tragic events that unfolded thr4oughout the novel.
—Guest lennox wilson

What's Your Favorite?

What is the Best James Patterson Book?

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