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Readers Respond: What is the Best James Patterson Book?

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From the article: James Patterson Book List
What do you think the best James Patterson book is? James Patterson readers and fans can look over this complete list of James Patterson books and then share their recommendations. What's Your Favorite? What's Your Favorite?

Judge And Jury

We are snowbirds so I went to the clubhouse to find something to read. This was my first James Patterson book, I couldn't put it down. Start to finish 2 days. I took it back and found 4 more took them back to the RV, couldn't wait to start reading on another. I'm hooked I think James and I are going to become great friends.
—Guest Sharpop

Sundays at tiffany

The first jp book I read..in one sitting..I" am hooked...
—Guest Noor azizah K

second honeymoon

really great and interesting.. I love JP books ever!
—Guest joylene

kill me if you can

great story and a beautiful plot twist near the end that you dont see coming.best book ive ever read
—Guest alan lough

best James Patterson book

Season of The Machette was so well written that I couldn't put it down. It was a real page turner, and I literally took it everywhere I went until I finished it. I read it again and wasn't bored.
—Guest gagberry

Middle school

basically midddle school is the best! he should make more of these
—Guest Dame

The Quickie

i think was a great book and would make a great movie. I couldn't hardly put it down , it only took 3 days to read it. .
—Guest liz Duvall

the zoo

Best book by far-so very out there. Kept me on the edge of my bed for a few days
—Guest debie bumgarner

my favorite james Patterson book.

I just finished kill me if you can I have to say its probably one of the best books I have ever read. Excited to see what else Patterson has for me to read.
—Guest steve rhodes

When The Wind Blows

It was the first book I had ever read by him. I loved the characters and the plot. 2 thumbs up.
—Guest Anna

The Jester

Very intreguing book Held my interest throughout. Thought it would have made an excellent movie.
—Guest Marcia Mengel

What's Your Favorite?

Sam's Letters to Jennifer, the first of James Patterson that I read. One night is all it took and I couldn't stop even for a minute.
—Guest Judy

Witch and Wizard series

I loved these books. I would always be on the edge of my seat. I would think it was going to go one way then it went the other, even better way. These books were thrilling, lovable, and most of all shocking.
—Guest Juliet

all of the alex cross series

by far the best author i have ever read.i like the short chapters,if you have to go or do something you can read one or two chapters
—Guest jack novak

Two Words!

Alex Cross! Anything Alex Cross. Read it!!! I was first introduced to James Patterson books by my older brother and ever since Patterson is my go-to for Mystery/Thrillers.
—Guest Maia

What's Your Favorite?

What is the Best James Patterson Book?

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