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Readers Respond: What is the Best James Patterson Book?

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From the article: James Patterson Book List
What do you think the best James Patterson book is? James Patterson readers and fans can look over this complete list of James Patterson books and then share their recommendations. What's Your Favorite?

Judge And Jury

We are snowbirds so I went to the clubhouse to find something to read. This was my first James Patterson book, I couldn't put it down. Start to finish 2 days. I took it back and found 4 more took them back to the RV, couldn't wait to start reading on another. I'm hooked I think James and I are going to become great friends.
—Guest Sharpop


actually 7 heaven is amazing but sail is also really commendable . it is most memorable for me coz it was the first james pa. book i read and gotta tell ya am hooked 4m dat time . this is the best way to kill free time . i finish his book in a day , they get me so engrossed . sail is worth a read actually worth than just a read .you can seriously not at all predict the plot . thats the way i like it!
—Guest whatever

Sundays at Tiffany's

I like all of Patterson's books but this is my favorite
—Guest Fan from KS

Alex cross all titles

I love all alex ,cross its thrillin to me to find out what happens next. I am now reading I alex cross, very excitin.
—Guest Phyllis mcqueen

Now You See Her

This kept me in suspense until the very last page! Also very graphic and real, I couldn't put it down...
—Guest Connie

dangerous days of daniel x

i love this book it is great i hopeI'm torn between 2 series they grab you into the stories. It's like when I'm reading them I'm in the stories I've never read books before until a friend of mine gave me one of your books. After that I was hooked. I own a lot of your books and I'm still trying to collect the rest. Please keep up the great work that you are writing I enjoy reading more. Thank you for making me interested in reading you read it
—Guest firestar342

The jester

I've read this book so many times I think I know it by heart!!
—Guest Stacy

The Virgin

Spellbinding novel, loved it. The twists and turns keep you on edge. I read all his books, and I must say all James Patterson books are worth reading. Some I read twice. I actually have many favorites, but too many to list. He is one of my favorite authors.
—Guest Mary Freeman

Mary Mary

I've read most of Patterson's writings but Mary Mary is my favorite!
—Guest Rachel

Kill me if you can

Definitly written to thrill, as it did for my G.F. and myself. This book makes literacy a treat and rewards the ordinary movie viewer with a short vacation from the norm.
—Guest Seth McG

The Christmas Wedding

I have read every James Patterson book and am a huge fan. All of his books are page turners that keep me up all night. I must say that The Christmas Wedding was a wonderful story. The characters are easy to relate to and as usual the story has a perfect ending.
—Guest Aroby

Jack and Jill

This is one.the most intruiging and spell binding I have ever read
—Guest Luis

Witch and wizard

They were amazing I have read his maximum ride books too I love all his books
—Guest Gta

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas

I have read Sunday's at Tiffany's, Sam's letter to Jennifer nd some of the Alex cross' series but ths one i so heart toching. It's my favorite so far and I loved reading it.
—Guest Nicki

Womens Murder Club

The Women's Murder Club series grips you from the beginning and never lets you go. Hours go by and you have no clue, because you are so hooked. It Follows Lindsay with appearances of her friends Cindy (my favorite), Claire, Jill and Yuki and everyone will find a recurring character that you can connect with.
—Guest Christa

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