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Readers Respond: What was the best book released in 2013?

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From the article: Top Books of 2013
What do you think the best book of 2013 is? Is it one from our Top 10 list or do you have a different recommendation? Share your recommendation

Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

I do not know if this was my favorite book of 2013. I really agree with most of the books on the posted list and still have to read a few of them to decide. why i suggest Goldfinch is because it was one of those books where you look at and think - well - it is long... but i really liked her other book... ok... i'll get startedd... but once i started i could NOT stop reading this book! i was sucked into the story, the characters and the atmosphere of this book right away. it was such great modern novel that dealt with some true modern issues. it answered lots of questions we ask ourselves in these times. it was also so well written i did not even feel the length of the book. while deep it is still easy to read.
—Guest Debbie BK

My Mother's Secret

By J. L. Witterick who paints a vivid picture of the world of Franciszka Halkamajowa, a heroine in Nazi-occupied Poland who, with her daughter Helena, harbored Jews despire the mortal danger. A moving and captivating portrait of that terrible period. I see great possibilities for this book to promote peace and understanding. It is a novel based on a true story. Since the end of World War II, both Franciszka and Helena Halamajowa have been recognized as "the Righteous Among the Nations."
—Guest Connie Lam

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What was the best book released in 2013?

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