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Readers Respond: What is the Best New Book you Read in 2012?

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From the article: 2012 New Book Releases
Do you read a lot of new books? If you have read some new releases in 2012, what was your favorite? Help other readers with your recommendation! Here are readers' choices for the best new books in 2012.

Expats by Chris Pavone

The year is still young, but this first novel is very readable and gives a unique, female spin to the traditional spy novel.
—Guest Sandy

Fifty shades of grey

Best books by far!!! Could not put it down!! Love them, wishing for more!
—Guest Miracle Wininger

Defending Jacob by William Landay

The district attorney's son is arrested for the murder of his school friend. Apart from being a fast moving courtroom drama, the psychological affects on the family is heart-breaking. A must read.

A Good American

I recently read this book, A Good American, by Alex George. It was one of those books that you just can't put down. It spans several generations, and each one was so interesting. Lots of characters to fall in love with.
—Guest Lee D

Never Eighteen

This book about life and death among teenagers is characterized as "young adult fiction," but it is far more than that. It is a poignant story of a dying 17-year old boy who wants to set many things straight in the time he has left. Any reader of any age should experience a combination of smiles and tears in this masterfully written novel.
—Guest John Messina

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