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Readers Respond: What is the Best New Book you Read in 2012?

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From the article: 2012 New Book Releases
Do you read a lot of new books? If you have read some new releases in 2012, what was your favorite? Help other readers with your recommendation! Here are readers' choices for the best new books in 2012. Share Your Recommendation

the two state

the book is a true potrait of punjabi life and living in chenai i could find relevance to the south indian life.the superior attitudes of both the tam bram and the punjabi is very true.hilarious book.
—Guest kamala

Sweet Tooth

Ian McEwan entertains us with a treat of a novel. McEwan's sly humor is present along with his masterly writing for a great read.
—Guest Tom Rosenthal

divergent series by veronica roth

The main charracter tris tells her story of suspence and slightromance from a futuristic society once you start reading the first have the second one ready because you will not be able to put it down.
—Guest cassidy


Beautiful book. Wonderful writer. Absorbing story with an engaging protagonist.
—Guest Marty Selnick

Gone Girl

Great read! Keeps you guessing from page 1 to the end.
—Guest Sheila

Gone Girl

I'm with Mary Ann -- Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is a great read! Surprises galore, and switching from one perspective to another is quite interesting. Gives a whole new perspective to psychopath!!!
—Guest Rojo Lobo

Canada by Richard Ford

Ford writes with compassion & depth of his characters & takes us from a family life in the United States, to complete disfunction & chaosis on the run to Canada. Exceptional read!
—Guest GG


Don Winslow. Fantastic read. I read everything he wrote and enjoyed all.

mark of athena

mark of athena by rick riordan is the best he has ever written
—Guest aditya

dear lupin

Well written and easy to read letters from father to son Charles (or Lupin). Eccentric and amusing but also poignant and emotional
—Guest s cooke

A beautiful mystery- Louise penny

This is a great mystery involving the History and effects of Gregorian chants. Religion and murder!
—Guest Marie

the winter of the world

fascinating sequel to fall of giants, well researched, heartbreaking,cant wait for the next book
—Guest jmeadows

The Affair Lee Child

I have read several reviews and have seen this picked apart, but not everyone gets a home run every time. I enjoyed the depth that he added to the intimacy. He usually does not do that. I loved it. I like the fact that it tied up a lot of loose ends that were in his other books. I thought it was great, but I am a bit biased. I wish he wrote more, but the quality is normally worth the wait.
—Guest Lynn Eley

Fifty shades of grey

I just LOVE the style of James' writing!! It is so interesting and I do mean the sexy parts...

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

The best novel I have read this year. Slow starter but you have to keep reading. Alot of surprises in this book.
—Guest mary ann

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What is the Best New Book you Read in 2012?

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