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Readers Respond: What is the Best Stephen King Book?

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From the article: Stephen King Book List
What do you think the best Stephen King book is? Stephen King readers and fans can look over this complete list of Stephen King books and then share their recommendations.

The Stand and then the Talisman

I have read the Dark tower series three times, I like them all, greatest writer ever in my opinion
—Guest John

The Stand

I read my first King book Salems Lot while on a camping trip. Needless to say I was so scared that I had to wake my husband up so he could come and walk back with me to our tent. He was not a happy camper. Since then I have read everything King writes except for the Dark Towers series. Hope he keeps writing.
—Guest Tammy


11-23-63 surpassed evrything SK wrote and that is saying a lot. It's a masterpiece!!! Before that my favorites were "Under the Dome" The Dead Zone, The Shining, Misery, Salem's Lot - I can go on and on. Love SK.
—Guest Jennifer white

'Salems Lot

A terse page turner that made me want to read more from this author. The details and story were fantastic. Movie... Notsomuch
—Guest Red

doctor sleep

WOW, again I'm blown away by Stephen king, this book rocks, every time I feel I need more info it's in the next sentence, he is always one step ahead of me! fantastic! can't wait for the movie, it would be a crime if there wasn't one, thank you Stephen King!!! always a fan.
—Guest donald rebsom

The Stand

Read almost all of his books. Read The Stand 4 times. Also The Dark Tower Series is great. But then they all are.
—Guest Mr Blue


misery was the most recent stephen king book i read and I have to say it was pretty graphic but that's what i look forward to in a book
—Guest alexander

The Stand

It was the greatest thing I had ever read. Although it wasn't listed as christian fiction, it definetely was;it didn't dance around post-apoc subjects like demonic beings, rape,and other things that christian fiction doesn't get too deeply into. Mother Abigail...I could identify with her as a fellow Christian and loved her. The Extended and Uncut Edition is, by far, Kings best individual work(so as not to insult the Dark Tower series;I love these books,and the characters,especially Roland and Jake).
—Guest Russeller

The Stand

Like the man said, it hooked me for a lifetime --also...
—Guest Mary Ann Berg

The Stand

read this while at college, started reading when I went to bed and didn't go to college next day as I still hadn 't put the book down. Totally amazing. Where does he get his ideas from?
—Guest Tracy

the stand (uncut)

Read the stand maybe 20 or more times. Keeps me so intransed I loose sleep. Just can't put it down.
—Guest susan byrd

Duma Key, The Talisman

I'm 22 and have read 38 of King's many books. Duma Key was an amazing story to me, but the Talisman was a favorite too. Every one of his books I've read was an amazing experience, can't wait to read more!
—Guest AshEl

The Stand

By far the best book written. It rings so true in the present. I can actually see this happening during our lifetime.
—Guest 4612LP

Dreamcatcher and IT

When i read IT, i had to keep reading since it was so captivating. Its the same with the Dreamcatcher since i couldn't put the book down, The Mist was also very good.
—Guest Matt

It/The Stand

I have several favs...I've reread It so many times I had to get a new copy. Pet Semetary is the scariest for me, but also Salem's Lot...
—Guest KLHirtle

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