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Readers Respond: What is the Best Stephen King Book?

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From the article: Stephen King Book List
What do you think the best Stephen King book is? Stephen King readers and fans can look over this complete list of Stephen King books and then share their recommendations. What's Your Favorite?


Best book-horror film ever written, directed, acted.
—Guest Rose


I think this was his biggest and best horror. I loved it.
—Guest Sandy McLean


Hard choice but one I have read over and over again. Still finding little gems in there SK.
—Guest Richard Gutteridge

salems lot and the stand

i didnt read either until i seen the movie and the books were so good i read them in a couple days.
—Guest julie

BEST Stephen King Book

The Stand had always been my Absolute Favorite, HOWEVER, I have never been disappointed by anything written by Steven King or Richard Bachmann ... The Thinner was the first book I had read by 'Stephen King'. That was also the first book I ever read I did not put down until it was finished... Gerald's Game was the second..
—Guest Andrea Sugar Clark

The Stand

It almost seems as though I know some of the characters personally! The thing I love most about Mr. King's writing is the way his characters are so real and sometimes very familiar. Mr. King's writing does what I like best in a book... it sucks me in. This world disappears and I feels as though I am living in his books. The best part is that no matter how terrible the tale, no matter how grueling or bleak the story, good always wins in the end. Second favorite is The Talisman written with Peter Straub. Mr. Straub does for settings what Mr. King does for characters. Together, they write stories that really involve my mind and my heart. What else can I ask for in a book?
—Guest Dianne

The Stand

My favorite! I loved the book not the made for tv movie
—Guest John F

the man is a genious

cannot remember ever reading a bad book by SK , he has done more to encourage reading than anyone else I know, as for my favourite novel, it has to be a joint decision between IT and The Stand, both timeless novels.

The Stand-(extended version)

Hard to compare against The Shining, Carrie, or Tommyknockers. And who can forget Cujo's role in the book versus the movie. And there are others. I never minded WHO got the honors so long as the honors were earned. That's my opinion and I'm sticking with it.
—Guest Scott Stegner


His newest...It fits the old theater review - you'll laugh...you'll cry...you"ll never lose interest. A little fright. A lot of real human emotin.
—Guest TomF

s k

The stand is the best book SK has written, although it was the shinning that hooked me originally
—Guest cazwillow

gunslinger series

one of the best series I have read for a long time. great storys

the stand

not scary... eye opening...the book is great..it isn't scary...this world is.
—Guest tami


Best 'Story' - Last Rung on the Ladder. Only time SK has ever made me tear up. Best 'Book' - Drawing of the Three. Pulled me back onto the path of the beam. Biggest Mistake - Completing a 5000 page epic with a gimmicky short-story ending that made the entire journey meaningless. I actually wrote my own 30-page ending...much better
—Guest Doug

needful things

mind you very hard to chose as all his books are good
—Guest kathleen houghton

What's Your Favorite?

What is the Best Stephen King Book?

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