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Readers Respond: What is the Best Stephen King Book?

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From the article: Stephen King Book List
What do you think the best Stephen King book is? Stephen King readers and fans can look over this complete list of Stephen King books and then share their recommendations. What's Your Favorite?

The Stand and then the Talisman

I have read the Dark tower series three times, I like them all, greatest writer ever in my opinion
—Guest John

The Stand

I read my first King book Salems Lot while on a camping trip. Needless to say I was so scared that I had to wake my husband up so he could come and walk back with me to our tent. He was not a happy camper. Since then I have read everything King writes except for the Dark Towers series. Hope he keeps writing.
—Guest Tammy


11-23-63 surpassed evrything SK wrote and that is saying a lot. It's a masterpiece!!! Before that my favorites were "Under the Dome" The Dead Zone, The Shining, Misery, Salem's Lot - I can go on and on. Love SK.
—Guest Jennifer white

'Salems Lot

A terse page turner that made me want to read more from this author. The details and story were fantastic. Movie... Notsomuch
—Guest Red

doctor sleep

WOW, again I'm blown away by Stephen king, this book rocks, every time I feel I need more info it's in the next sentence, he is always one step ahead of me! fantastic! can't wait for the movie, it would be a crime if there wasn't one, thank you Stephen King!!! always a fan.
—Guest donald rebsom

doctor sleep

best one so far I could not put it down absolutely loved it !!!
—Guest missjan9

The Green Mile

Nothing has ever gotten my undivided attention like this book. "The Mile" is a very disturbing and thought-provoking story without equal, in my opinion. Gave me shivers and tears.
—Guest Dawn

The Green Mile

The Green Mile is a story that will never grow old, never boring, always miraculous! Whether reading the book or watching the movie, I am always drawn to The Green Mile again, and again.
—Guest Dawn

Gerald's Game

One character, from a man whose greatest strength is character development -- pure genius. One would think a story with essentially one character would fizzle. I thought after Misery 2 characters was the new minimum. Nope. #2 is Pet Semetary. The emotive qualities are so powerful.Plus, I was listening to U2's Joshua Tree, which served as a perfect soundtrack, each day I read the book. Trip thru your wires, In God's country, Bullet the blue sky, red hill mining town, One tree hill, and "I CAN'T LIVE -- with or without yooouuuu." mmhh! I swear Bono and King must've collaborated. What cosmic combination. #3 Thinner. The characters felt so real, they could be seen, felt, like 3D holograms.

The Stand

I have read it over 6 times and I will again. I love it
—Guest Lucille Malette

The Gunslinger(S) tied w/The Stand

Others have mentioned the Stand great book not so much the Mini series.. The Gunslinger I go back and read from start to finish about every other year.. Geralds Game gets and honorable mention very devious.. :)
—Guest John Ver Straten


I first read Per Sematary in 7th grade, and I've been hooked ever since. This is the only book I can say ever scared the crap out of me. The last 3rd if the book is simply terrifying; I remember closing the book back then, literally too frightened by what I was reading. Masterfully written, very much about his own experiences, given a simple "what if" twist that truly makes for a horrifying read. King himself has expressed that this book scares him the worst; havin thought he finally went to far - to the point he almost never published it! If you're looking for a seriously creepy book, this is one you HAVE to read.
—Guest Chris

The Long Walk

Have been hooked on king for 25 years. Keep going back to read the long walk. Duma Key is a close 2nd.
—Guest mconner

The Stand

It's unforgettable. Takes in issues of human survival, morality and spirituality. You can't stop reading and you're left with hope.Great characters
—Guest Dolores Davis


When I started reading, I just couldn't put it down. I like not knowing what to expect next. Haven't read anything bad by SK. Always comes through with a winner.
—Guest Linda

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What is the Best Stephen King Book?

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